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Energy Efficiency, from Improvisation to Real Savings

Today, shipowners are aware of the importance of lowering their fuel consumption in order to achieve savings, stay ahead of the competition or help save the environment (cutting GHG emissions).

However, few shipowners are ready to invest in securing the services of specialists in energy efficiency. When it comes to deciding which equipment or systems to install on their ships, they prefer to rely on shipyards, people within their organization or classification societies. This is a serious mistake!

Energy efficiency involves the use of scientific methods that are standardized by bodies such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE). Relying on specialists possessing Certified Energy Manager (CEM) or Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP) accreditation ensures compliance with ISO standards and the expertise that the CEM and CMVP programs provide. Moreover, such credentials guarantee that their work is of high quality and profitable for their clients. The international community understands that energy efficiency is of the utmost importance from an investment perspective as well as to meet GHG reduction targets. And, in order to prevent improvisation, it has decided to standardize the process.

Why do shipowners fail to implement ISO 50000 standards or opt not to involve certified staff in the design of their ship?

It’s largely out of ignorance or concern to cut costs. However, it should be noted that a solution proposed by a CEM specialist can result in energy savings that will cover the cost of his consulting fees in less than a year. Imagine how much the investment will pay for itself in 15 or 20 years!

These days, many shipowners give the task of building their ships to low-cost shipyards. In most cases, these facilities do not have the expertise in place when it comes to energy efficiency solutions and will not propose such services to their clients. It’s up to the shipowner, at the very beginning of the ship design, to retain the services of experts in energy efficiency who are both certified and highly knowledgeable in all aspects related to seafaring.

GHGES Marine Solutions Inc. has assessed over 40 new and older ships. We often come across design errors that could have been avoided if an energy efficiency specialist had been consulted at the beginning of the process. Retrofitting, while often cost-effective, is a Plan B solution that can be disregarded if input is sought at the very start from a CEM specialist with expertise in the maritime sector.

If you want to ensure that your future ships will be energy efficient, do business with certified specialists that have a proven track record.

When it comes to older ships, a standardized energy audit is the best way to single out projects that generate the highest returns in terms of their impact on the environment and the financial investments involved.

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