MET® (Marine Energy Tracker)

MET® (Marine Energy Tracker) is a simple and inexpensive system that keeps track of your fuel consumption, but more importantly informs you about your energy efficiency. This system has achieved through the development of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) adapted to your ship during our energy audit.

If you don’t have fuel meter, No problem the MET® is made for you.

Following our energy audit, we install data loggers and develop the mathematical equations that allow you to estimate your fuel consumption at any time with a precision that will surprise you.

Using GPS (with geofencing) and meteorological data, we combine this information to better profile your model.

The MET® records various parameters on your ship, and displays calculated variables on an industrial-based computer on board.

The MET® also transmits information on a secure WEB server (database) via the cellular network. These data are then processed by our algorithms and analyzed by our team of experts. Reports are then generated and transmitted regularly as per your request. If there is an issue deserves to be reported, the system will send you an email to notify you.

In GHGES Marine Solutions, we assure you that the recorded data is utilized. We employed the data and convert them into money and GHGs. It is unnecessary to store large amount of data if it is not going to be investigated. We only record the variables ​​that are relevant (20 to 30 maximum) and analyze them for you. Finally you have a simple, efficient and also very affordable system.

The MET® pays for itself in the first year and calculates its profitability!

Our application, calculation logics and algorithms are innovative because they are adapted based on your engines, boilers, waste heat recovery systems, pumps and etc.

The energy audit very well allows us to model your operations. Science is the basis of this system. You will also be able to visualize the performance of your ships according to performance indicators developed by GHGES Marine Solutions adapted to your ship no matter where you are and have access to the internet, no matter in your office on your tablet or on your cell phone.

Our application makes it possible to perceive the changes over long period of times. Variations those are more often difficult to be detected by the operator.

Finally you will have a tool that records information constantly and will assist you to have a better understanding of your ships and the people who operate them.

Marine Energy Tracker