Remote Monitoring System

MARENTRACK© is a simple and inexpensive system that allows you to monitor your fuel consumption without the use of meters and, most importantly, keeps you informed of your fleet’s energy efficiency.
This is achieved through a key performance indicator that is tailored to each of your ships and developed during the course of our energy audits.

You don’t have a fuel meter? No problem.
MARENTRACK® is made for you.


Following an energy audit on a ship, we install sensors and formulate mathematical equations that enable you to create a model of its operating process and determine its fuel consumption in real time with a level of accuracy that will impress you.

Using your ship’s location (around which a geofence is established) and combining it with meteorological data, we are able to better calibrate your model.

MARENTRACK© also transmits the resulting data to a protected and secure Web server (database) at which point it is processed using our algorithms and analyzed by our experts. Reports are then generated and sent to you on a monthly basis. If any event is deemed noteworthy, the system will notify you by email.

By partnering with GHGES Marine Solutions, you ensure that the recorded data is actually used. We put it to work and convert it into dollar savings and GHG reductions. You no longer need to store immense amounts of information that are never studied. We only record the relevant values (usually 10 to 20) and analyze them for you. In the end, you have a simple, efficient and powerful system at minimal cost.

MARENTRACK® pays for itself within the first year of activation and will calculate its own return on investment! If you don’t save more than the cost of your lease, the service is free.

Our computing logics and algorithms are innovative in that they are tailored to your engines, boilers, recovery systems and pumps. In other words, to your specific ships. Our energy audits enable us to precisely model your activities using a system based on science.

Also, provided you have access to the internet through your tablet or cell phone, you will be able to verify at any time and from anywhere how your ships are doing using performance indicators developed by GHGES Marine Solutions.

Our application enables you to track changes that occur over long periods of time and that are often difficult to detect by the ship operator.

In the end, you will have a tool that records data on a continuing basis and provides you with a more precise picture of the state of your ships and the people who operate them.

MARENTRACK © – Remote Monitoring System

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MARENTRACK © is a simple and inexpensive system that enables you to remotely monitor your ships’ activities in a less costly manner. This product is a natural extension of our services.

MARENTRACK © is more than a basic monitoring system. It enables you to calculate your fuel consumption without the need of a fuel meter. GHGES Solutions Marine has developed a unique computational algorithm which, when combined with the data gathered from our energy audits, allows us to create a model of your each of your ships’ operating systems.

You will receive straightforward monthly reports showing at a glance calculations of divergences, cost savings, GHG reductions as well as a list of the systems and procedures that achieved the best performances. This will make it easy for you to take corrective action as needed.

MARENTRACK © is tailored to the needs of Canadian shipowners as it takes into account navigating the Great Lakes, passing through locks and dealing with the specific characteristics of the St. Lawrence Seaway. The result is a more accurate analysis of the Canadian reality.

Additionally, you will no longer need costly and difficult-to-install fuel meters because our system will calculate your fuel consumption using an indirect but nonetheless precise approach. It’s a true innovation!

You are aware that, sooner or later, you will need to have the means to analyze your fleet in real time in order to attain higher levels of performance. With the MARENTRACK © system, that time has come and it won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Because of its open architecture, you will soon be able to manage your data all by yourself without having to deal with any restrictions or hassles.