One Pump, Two Pumps, Three Pumps…

How to Reduce Energy Consumption Pumps use approximately 40 % of a ship’s electrical

Energy, What Is It? And In What Way Does It Change our Lives?

During presentations at conferences and during our energy audits, we often observe that a

Editorial – Fuel Costs Nothing

Often, when I speak at conferences, I tease my audience by saying that the

Energy Efficiency, from Improvisation to Real Savings

Today, shipowners are aware of the importance of lowering their fuel consumption in order

Energy, the real Cost

What are shipowners’ social responsibility toward climate change and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions? If

Simple Return on Investment The Trap Inherent In this Approach To Calculating a Project’s Cost-effectiveness

Many managers use the simple return on investment (ROI) method of calculating the cost-effectiveness

No time, no resources and no money

No Time, No Human Resources, No Money We are all aware that we should

Bigger Is Not Better

Bigger Is Not Better…It’s Worse!   The design of a ship must necessarily be supervised by a

Waste Heat Recovery on Merchant Ships

Waste Heat Recovery on Merchant Ships Diesel engines are used to supply most of the

Reducing Fuel Consumption

Reducing Fuel Consumption and Our Environmental Responsibility   Consuming fossil fuel is not without consequence.

Compressed Air, What About It?

La production d’air comprimé sur un navire sert principalement deux applications complètement différentes. Le

Variable Frequency Drives Are Worthwhile

Your Ship Has VFDs? Good, But How Are They Controlled? Using variable frequency drives (VFD) on pumps


Energy Costs and Energy Efficiency, PETMAF Can Help   Energy efficiency projects on a